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We choose to be different.  We provide a simple talent acquisition solution that quickly connects our one-of-a-kind network of IT professionals with organizations across the globe.  Our focus and experience is 100% in the IT sector. Our IT candidate database is a dynamic fluid resource that enables us to create valuable long term relationships with our clients who require right fit talent fast and on-demand.

Achievement of aggressive company objectives depends upon the solid performance of key leaders who are uniquely capable of producing essential results.  CRG is dedicated to understanding your organization's goals and creating a custom match hiring plan for optimum performance.  We utilize a unique performance recruitment process system to profile, identify, and recruit leaders based on the critical results needed from the position. The CRG recruitment system enables employers to maximize productivity and profitability by ensuring that only "A" players are hired for critical positions.  

Our staff are highly motivated, successful entrepreneurial types who are passionate about their calling to create great matches between candidates and career positions. They are individuals who thoroughly enjoy learning about candidates, their needs, personalities, skills, work experience, and goals. All of our candidates are pre-qualified, reference checked and guaranteed for suitability to each assignment.  

Our first objective is to understand your corporate culture, workplace values, and goals. We then walk you through our entire process from taking the job order through hiring and placement. In addition to our database of existing candidates, we use multiple recruitment channels.  We do not mass mail resumes.

Many of our clients struggle with developing a diverse team of talent. CRG opens up many opportunities to find experienced and highly qualified candidates that help your team meet diversity requirements.  Hiring a candidate with a proven track record from the competition gives you an insider's view of what the competition is doing to succeed. It provides your company an advantage that will help keep it steps ahead of the competition.

We decrease the time and money organizations invest to find talent.  We filter candidates talent through our intense interview and skills tests, and send only the cream of the crop to you.  We eliminate headaches of sifting through unending resumes and ending up with a distorted view of people who only look capable on paper.  

We conduct three levels of reference checking:  Manager, Director and Peer level.  This comprehensive process allows us to specifically hone in on an individual's level of depth and their breadth of exposure. 

Our candidate database spans all IT positions including but not limited to:

Risk Free Talent Acquisition Process

Direct Hire



Background Investigation

Career Counseling

Drug Testing

Project Staffing


Managed Services


Services Assessment

Solution Services

CRG looks forward to assisting you in fulfilling your personnel needs, and to showing you how our team of specialists can represent both an efficient and cost effective solution.   Every client that we choose to work with and choose to work with us know that they can count on our integrity and our performance.  To speak to one of our recruitment Directors immediately, please contact us.  Thank you for selecting CRG as your next IT Business Partner.  We look forward to assisting you.

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We respect your privacy and confidentiality.  All information and documentation submitted to CRG are regarded as highly confidential and will be used for recruiting purposes only. Thank you and we look forward to assigning you a personal recruitment Director to assist you in filling your staffing needs.  

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